Wine market in decline: only Italy beats France and grows in China and Russia

Wine is in trouble on the major markets, Russia apart . But the trend is not about all the wine : the Italian one, in fact, seems immune to troubles. The trends emerging from the Wine Nomisma Monitor show a deep change in the wine sales.

The United States, for example, are at the forefront of wine imports , with over 3.9 billion Euros in value and 10.9 million hectoliters in quantity. While the value is grown by 0.3% compared to 2012, the quantity has fallen by 6%. Towards this country, however, Italy has boosted exports by 5.5%. A growth that becomes 9% considering only sparkling wines.

Canada ranks second for imports of wine, and it lost 1 , 1% in value and 1% in quantity in the last year compared to the previous twelve months. But even in this case the Italian performance was bucking: especially concerning sparkling wines the increase was 3% in value and +9 % in quantity.

As for ChinaItaly has increased its exports by over 11 % in the segment of bottled wines, while for sparkling wines, the growth of made ​​in Italy products was even 86 % in value. A success made “sweeter” by the contemporary difficulties of a historic rival as France : -12.5 % in export value in China of bottled wines and sparkling wines.

Russia is at an average level of the main markets. The very positive aspect is having recorded in 2013, a growth close to 12% in value and 1 , 6 in quantity.Italy has scored a 20% in both value and quantity, with a peak of 49 % for sparkling wines : Italy has thus a share of 63% in the export of sparkling wines to Russia, while France states 27%.

This may be the right time to invest in Italian vineyards!



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