Quiet Luxury: the Home Decor Trend of 2024

Quiet luxury

Quiet luxury’s most recent popularity arose in 2023, but it is a recurring trend that has been seen numerous times throughout history.

But what is it and what does it consist of? Let us see it together.

Quiet luxury is a lifestyle characterized by understated elegance and refined consumption, emphasizing exclusivity and discerning taste without overt displays of wealth.

Underlying the philosophy is the idea that opulence is not an added value, but a dazzling display of something ephemeral, sometimes even unreal. On the contrary, the value of a material or the craftsmanship of a complement communicates uniqueness and an essential but no less incisive quality.

Born mainly on the fashion catwalks, after years of ostentatious logos on sweatshirts and handbags, there has been a reversal towards more minimalist choices, made up of elegant and basic colours, of a type of clothing reminiscent of 1960s elegance and also commonly referred to on social media as ‘old money’.

How has this trend spilled over into interior design?

As far as interior design is concerned, quiet luxury manifests itself in the choice of timeless lines, materials and colours:

Shapes and design

Curvy, regular shapes are the preference, as they suggest an idea of serenity and cosiness. Hence the large sofas with curved shapes and vintage-inspired armchairs, accompanied by round or oval coffee tables.

The same applies to bedrooms, where headboards are made soft by padding and bedside tables are essential, often round in shape.

Rounded Shapes


Away with cheap materials, the quiet luxury rule is to invest in high quality materials that will last for years and not for the time of a passing fashion. This is why materials such as wood, marble and natural fibres return to homes, to create that sense of belonging to an endless time. Clearly, the choice of these materials also winks at environmental sustainability, eliminating all plastics and chemically produced materials.

And if less is more, so is the quantity: decoration is reduced to the bare minimum. The secret is not to overdo it with furnishings and accessories so that the ambience conveys a feeling of cleanliness and order. Limiting oneself to the bare essentials, because they are durable and of quality, is experienced as an opportunity for ethical enrichment.

Natural Materials


The colour palette is natural, with slight pastel shades for some details. In fact, natural colours, chosen tone on tone, create a feeling of harmony, as well as extreme elegance. The sofa will therefore be in cream or milk-coloured shades, but embellished with cushions in slightly contrasting colours: powder pink, light blue, sage – these are the trend colours for 2024.

Away with logos, gold finishes and excessively coloured wallpapers, then, in favour of that relaxing elegance with timeless charm.

Natural Colours and Textiles

Thanks to its versatility, quiet luxury is a style that easily adapts to any type of environment, from the living area to the bedroom, from the master bathroom to the study. Ready to revolutionise your home for a few decades?

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