Our Top Tips for Finding a Perfect Property in Italy

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Luxury Home in Marche Italy

Buying a house in Italy, if done from abroad, might seem a bit tricky: the cultural and bureaucratic differences, the language barrier might discourage even the most daring.

However, buying your dream home in Italy is not so terrifying if you do it with the right joyful spirit, but always with attention to detail.

So, tip number one is: enjoy the search! Take the chance to stay in a lovely hotel and explore the areas, live the experience to the full, try to get in touch with the locals and get involved with events. Most of the people who contact us are buying a house in Italy to radically change their lifestyle, others for pleasure, so it needs to be fun from day 1.

Our 3 top tips for finding a perfect property in Italy:

  1. It may take time to find the right house, so don’t get frustrated and continue your search. The perfect house is waiting for you and you’ll know immediately it’s “the one” as you step into.
  2. Plan your trips wisely, make a shortlist of houses you want to see before getting to Italy and make sure you have time to see them all.
  3. Don’t compromise. Haste, especially the rush to turn a dream into reality, is never good advice. The first visits will allow you to skim and understand best what you want in your Italian home and where you would like to live this experience.

Where to start looking for property in Italy?
The Internet provides you with great help: you can explore the web from the comfort of your own sofa. Take a few weeks to look, scroll, select and make a final shortlist.
If you appoint a sole agent, you will have the advantage of one contact person to whom you can explain what you are looking for and your agent will do all this work for you.

Which Italian regions to invest in?
Fortunately, the Italian real estate market is always holding up very well, especially when it comes to villas, farmhouses and other high-end properties.
While Tuscany and Piedmont are still safe but somewhat expensive investments, the Marche region is experiencing a moment of great popularity: hilltop towns, rolling hills together with beautiful contemporary renovations at more reasonable prices make it a region on the upswing.

Now that you know the basic rules for an enjoyable and pondered purchase, you can start your search from this link!

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