Umbrian Norcineria

The term “Norcineria” derives from the village of Norcia, which is the central core of this tradition. However, “Norcineria” has multiple meanings. The most antique one regards the very process of production of salami. The origin of Norcineria can be dated back to Ancient Rome. The Roman emperor Vespasian (9 – 79 A.D.) held many lands in the area that we currently call Sibylline Mountains....

Italy In Small Villages

Are we going to write about how beautiful and how genuine Italy is? Not this time. This is not going to be a long elegy of Italy. Italy means good food, conviviality, art, culture, but you have already heard of it. Just for one moment, we want to give you a different perspective. As we know, big cities are full of beautiful churches, landmark buildings, celebrated museums, and modern restaurants that...

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