What Will Life Look Like Post Covid-19?

How will Italians’ way of life change after the Covid-19 pandemic?

The Milan Furniture Fair in April 2021 will probably give us the answer. In our opinion Italians may prefer wider housing solutions post the quarantine, with large gardens and swimming pools. The general feeling is that – should a lockdown happen again in the future – they’ll have a place to enjoy life both indoors and outdoors.

Is this a reality only for Italians?

No. Most Italian real estate agencies say recent months have seen a greater demand for country houses. Many have decided to take refuge in such areas during this time, both Italians and foreigners. Facing a lockdown in the cold months in Italy’s temperate climate is much more enjoyable and tolerable than facing it in countries where the climate is generally more freezing.

According to the Italian Institute of Statistics, only a quarter of the Italian population live in rural environments today. This percentage could change a lot over the coming years. The plague of the 21st century could revolutionize the behavior of Italians, and not only. Globally, the attraction of the countryside is sometimes motivated by the search for one’s origins. Increasingly often, it is seen as an alternative to the hectic and unhealthy living in big cities. An option now made easier thanks to the evolution of smart working.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that “Italy in one region”, as Le Marche is often called, is one of the most sought-after regions both by Italians as well as foreigners. Here one can find beautiful farmhouses and a high quality of life. Enjoy living halfway between the sea and the mountains, visiting hilltop towns and art cities like Ascoli Piceno and Urbino, the cradle of the Renaissance. Rediscover the country style, now modernized, which combines the furnishings of the past with the comforts and technological innovations of today.

We don’t know exactly where the future will take us, but for sure it will continue to take us home.

(Picture by Vlada Karpovich)

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