7 of Marche’s Most Beautiful Villages

“The hidden diamond” of central Italy – the Marche region has much to offer, both to tourists and to all those who would like to live here.

Hills, sea and mountains merge in this still authentic territory with a typically Italian beauty.

Its nature as a central region can be found in the culinary characteristics that mix and re-interpret elements and flavors from both the north and the south. Authentic and healthy flavors accompanied by excellent wines to toast with.

But it’s not all about nature and food: Le Marche is rich in history and beautiful villages that are worth a visit. Their beauty is well known not only regionally but also throughout Italy.

We will talk about the marchigiano villages in this article.

1. Cingoli

If your heart starts to beat faster when you see unusual landscapes, then Cingoli is the perfect place for you. This beautiful hilltop village in the province of Macerata is also known as the “terrace of Marche”. It owes its name to the beautiful panoramic view that extends over the Adriatic Sea and Monte Conero. The view becomes even more special at sunset, when other cities are already in the shade and Cingoli is still immersed in the sunlight.

2. Torre di Palme

This medieval village is one of the most interesting historical towns in all Marche. It is located a few kilometers from Fermo and it looks like a wonderful panoramic balcony on a hilltop, overlooking the coast and the Adriatic sea. This beautiful hamlet is very small and has less than 300 inhabitants, so the best way to visit it is certainly on foot. The village perfectly preserves the ancient medieval structure with many alleys and innumerable churches that you come across with, along the whole historical center.

3. Gradara

Gradara is another village rich in history, traditions and art, in addition to a breathtaking scenery! It is located on a hill in the north of the Marche, in the province of Pesaro and twenty kilometers from Rimini. Even if you have never heard of this village, you can surely remember the story of Paolo and Francesca – two of the most important figures of the V canto of Dante’s Divine Comedy. One of the most famous phrases of love in Italian and world literature was inspired by the story that took place right in the castle of Gradara. This splendid monument is one of the most visited in Italy.

4. San Ginesio

San Ginesio is a town of about 3800 inhabitants located in the heart of the Marche region, halfway between the Adriatic sea and the Apennines. The charming town center is a welcoming destination for all visitors, in search of historical treasures, cultural heritage and fascinating traditions. San Ginesio stand on one of the hills of Monti Sibillini which offers a splendid view. On clear days it is possible to see Monte Conero – the true pearl of the Adriatic coast.

5. Montecosaro

This village – nestled in a beautiful valley – rises inside the old structure of a 1600s castle. The medieval time has left here, as a heritage, places that you can’t miss to view such as the Agostiano Complex, the Collegiate Church, the cloister, Santa Croce and also the beautiful Teatro delle Logge. Lovers of nature and genuine food will find here the perfect place for a relaxing stay, full of flavors and scents. In the surroundings of Montecosaro there are several wineries and oil mills where it is possible to go for tastings and guided tours of the vineyards. Montecosaro is located a short distance from the Adriatic Sea and about 50 km from the Monti Sibillini National Park. It is also the ideal starting point for the discovery of the province of Macerata.

6. Sarnano

Sarnano is a small medieval village on the Sibillini Mountains that despite the earthquake offers the emotion of a real dive into the past. Even if some places in the town center are still closed, walks through the small squares and alleys still allow to enjoy the true atmosphere of the centenary walls. Furthermore it is the ideal place for mountain lovers. In this area, on clear days, from the ski slopes you can admire an exceptional view of the Adriatic coast!
Sarnano is also the land of ciauscolo, the spreadable salami typical of the Marche. If you prefer something sweet, you should try the nougat tart.

7. Montelupone

This village located a few kilometers from the sea, in a gentle landscape on the hills of Macerata, preserves a cultural heritage of considerable interest. The real jem in town is the main square with the Palazzo del Podestà dating back to the 12th century. Its most important part is the Civic Tower which preserves the oldest emblem of the city.
The most typical product is the Montelupone Artichoke protected by the Res Tipica brand. Other typical products are the Colli Monteluponesi honey, and then wine and cooked wine, extra virgin olive oil and naturally leavened bread. Traditional desserts are also worth trying.
Montelupone is a perfect destination to visit other places in the province of Macerata including Recanati – the village of Romantic poet Giacomo Leopardi – Porto Recanati, Macerata, Loreto and its sanctuary as well as Monte San Giusto with its beautiful historic center.

These are just some of the most beautiful villages in Marche where art, culture, food and well-being find a perfect synthesis. Immersed in the mountains of Monte Sibillini or situated on the hills with a sea view, they offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

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