Housing market: +8,4%. Time for a final recovery?

2015 ends happily for the Italian housing market in the third quarter. The sales have in fact increased by 8.4%.

Istat therefore confirms the positive results already achieved in the second quarter (+ 6.2%) and reported by Agenzia delle Entrate.

While the number of buyers from northern Europe has been quite constant in the last three months, it seems there is a considerable increase in the number of Asian investors. Their target is mainly concerning commercial properties, but some are planning of matching business with relax in the Country of La Dolce Vita.

Considering this recovery of the housing market, it seems to be quite a good time to purchase a property in Italy: according to the market laws, if the demand (and sales) continues to increase, as a result there will also be an increase in prices. Therefore, this could be a time when prices have reached their lowest ever level in Italy, meaning that you can get the best deals.

According to our statistics, the most popular areas of Italy for potential buyers are just a few: Tuscany is always on top – since the beginning of the crisis of the housing market, Tuscany has always held the prices. Umbria goes right after, thanks to its location close to Tuscany. For those looking for countryside and “italy-ness” for an affordable price, Le Marche is now a growing market, up to the extent that The Guardian has included Le Marche in the hotlist of places to visit in 2016. On the other hand, there is a growing interest for Puglia, mainly for typical Masserias and Trulli not too far from the beautiful beaches of this region. The Lakes area (Como and Garda) are always attractive especially for US and Russian buyers.

Property enquiries may be very different, but the majority is for high-end country houses and villas, characterized by stone walls, wood beams, top quality finishes and restored in a typical Italian rural style, surrounded by at least 1 hectare land. The more rustic, the better. Possibly in secluded and private locations. Pool is always a must have. The price range where there is most interest is between € 500.000,00 and € 1.000.000,00. Yet, the highest availability for this kind of properties is currently from € 900.000,00 up, if looking for a place with no renovation works to be done.

Those who had the possibility to spend cash money to buy a house, have bought some of the most beautiful properties in Italy. Their purchasing power, compared to the difficulty of selling of the owners, have allowed them to make very good deals, which will give them good profits in the next few years, as soon as the housing market will be fully recovered.

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