Eco-Chic? Natural Swimming Pools

Have you just bought a new house with an amazing park, with century trees and you don’t want to have that blue artificial spot on the ground? If you are looking for something, which most integrates with the wild but ordered nature of your garden, you may go for a natural swimming pool, also known as natural swimming pond.

How does it work and how’s different from a common pool?

A natural swimming pond is the best of a water feature and a pool.: throw in the best that nature can provide to make it chemical free and you have a swimming pond.

What makes it different from a conventional swimming pool is the regeneration zone – a designated area for aquatic plants and rocks that act as natural filters to keep the water crystal clear and clean. This area adds beauty while doing all the hard work! It looks natural because it is natural. and like most things natural, it has the capacity and ability to look after itself.

Why go natural?

First of all it looks great; second, you can easily integrate your garden and convert it to a unique oasis, where you can relax in a totally new and complete way. A natural pool takes you closer to nature and creates a peaceful atmosphere that disconnects you from the outside world. You will feel fully immersed in the nature, thanks not only to its colour but also to the plants and rocks surrounding it.

You’ll be able to entertain your guests in a new special way. Hosting a party at your own natural swimming pond is like taking your guests out of town to a place where they can enjoy chemical-free water, natural breeze, and good scenery.

Last but not least, you don’t need to use all the chemical elements normally necessary to clean a common pool, so you’ll be more respectful of nature. Effortless and chemical-free maintenance is done by pumping the water to a series of biological filters consisting of rocks and aquatic plants. The plants deprive algae of nutrients preventing its growth. Friendly bacteria attach to the rocks and further filter the water of its impurities. If you like it, you may add a waterfall, which will give stunning visual appeal while super-oxygenating the water.


A natural swimming pond is definitely a good compromise between beauty and respect for nature, giving a special charm to your new home.

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