The Marche Mountain Area: A Different Perspective Of The Inland

The Marche region has long been overlooked by mass tourism: for this reason, much of what it has to offer has remained authentic, unfiltered and unspoilt. And that’s what makes it a must in your Italian vacations.

It is a region of both sea and mountains, with a bit of rivalry between the coast inhabitants and those from the inland. In almost every town you go, you will find some kind of ancient feuds dating back centuries and centuries. Embraced by the gorgeous scenery of central Italy, this region’s landscape varies considerably, from steep mountain trails in the Sibillini Natural Park to white sand beaches, wine tastings on the hills, gorgeous ancient stone villages, and much more.

An area which is rarely affected by tourism is the Marche inland, yet it has a lot to offer in terms of gorgeous villages, tight-knit communities, and a sense of rural, authentic beauty. A visit on the border between the outermost part of the Marche Region and Umbria is a must in your roamings through our gorgeous Peninsula.

Visiting this area calls for long walks in nature – in Montelago, for example, which is a highland hidden in the Appennino mountains, or Pian dell’Elmo, a gorgeous location with its 1000 metres above sea level.

Picnics by the gorgeous rivers are one of our personal recommendations – in many cases it is also possible to park your motorhomes near the Potenza and Esino rivers and enjoy the cool summer nights of the mountains. Or you can just make a stop to eat in the many agriturismi dotting this area, which are traditional restaurants serving local homegrown and home-cooked food, and where you can also sleep. They usually are old traditional farmhouses, restored with an eye for modern comforts, but without forgetting their original purpose. For this reason, the atmosphere is that of a big Sunday dinner with parents and relatives, of cozy get-togethers, of meals lovingly prepared and served with care.

For wine lovers, Verdicchio wine tastings and visits to the several wineries are extraordinary experiences, in which you learn a lot, but also have quite a lot of fun! With Matelica as one of its centres, the wine tradition has been a long and heartfelt one, going from more high-end wines to homemade ones like Vino di Visciole, a sweet wine produced from a particular kind of cherry, perfect to be served with desserts. This kind of wines has always been produced in famiglia, meaning that every family has its own wine making utensils passed down from their parents and their parents’ parents before them… and every autumn they still produce wine for themselves and smuggle it to their friends.

All in all, this seldom mentioned area has a lot to offer, especially to those craving for real Italy, far away from mass tourism, where even simply getting lost in the cobblestone alleys of the unending Medieval villages is a charming experience.

It provides you with a truly unique experience: that of a part of Italy which has remained untouched by the centuries passing by, yet welcomes foreigners as members of their families. Their curiosity and welcoming spirit are those of a people which has witnessed invasions, but ehy can still get by those who arrive and behold its beauty for the first time. Why? Well, they remind them that true beauty is not something you ought to get used to.

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