The Best 3 Michelin Star Restaurants In Italy

In the world of cuisine, there’s nothing like the coveted three Michelin stars. These restaurants are more than just places to eat, they’re culinary experiences – every moment of a visit to one of these establishments is unforgettable. The ambience is exceptional, the service unsurpassable, and their food is more than just a meal – it’s art.

Let’s see the best 3 Michelin Star Restaurants In Italy (according to us)

La Pergola – Rome

Rome is a city of history, romance, and culture. It’s also home to one of the very best 3 Michelin star restaurants in Italy: chef Heinz Beck’s La Pergola. Considered by many to be one of Italy’s most exceptional chefs, and owner and mastermind behind the only 3 star restaurant in the capital, Beck has perfectly and flawlessly married creativity, passion, and innovation with the best ingredients.

The result is a dining experience that is truly unmissable – award-winning sommelier Marco Reitano’s 60,000 bottle cellar, and the presence of a 45-piece water menu are both indicative of the level of sophistication and quality that La Pergola exhumes.


It’s hard to imagine a more perfect blend of style, modern sensibility, and an appreciation for culture and heritage than Chef Beck’s dining room at La Pergola. Rich, dark woods blend effortlessly with more refined cream and silk furnishings, and look out onto the awe-inspiring city of Rome. An evening spent at Pergola is sure to remain in the minds of diners for years to come.

The Menu

Dishes on offer at La Pergola are nothing short of impeccable. They’re creative, beautiful, and truly delicious. With not one, but two wine lists to choose from to accompany the meal, diners at La Pergola are in for a real treat.

With plates such as scallops marinated in ginger and lime setting off the taste buds, and more conceptual dishes like ‘the water garden’ (tapioca cooked with a herb consommé, with scampi carpaccio, scampi, clams and avocado) transforming the menu from a delight to an unforgettable and emotive sensory discovery.

Enoteca Pinchiorri – Florence

What’s luxury, if not a feeling of being received, accompanied and served like royalty? This is what Enoteca Pinchiorri guarantees to all their guests

An expert staff, working in concert, with plenty of time and care to lavish on customers. A kitchen that excels in the search for and preparation of the finest raw materials, in creativity, in the mastery of cooking techniques. Service that’s extremely attentive, without being invasive.

Born in Nice, Annie Feolde in 1993-94 became the first female chef in Italy to receive the third Michelin star. For her, the enhancement of the Tuscan territory must focus on local products, such as wines and olive oil, but also on everything that revolves around food.


Every detail is scrupulously overseen; every element, from stemware to silverware to china, is the result of careful research of the offerings from the finest, most innovative manufactories.

The finishes and furniture are the perfect representation of the Tuscan art, with brocades, paintings from the 1800s and antique furniture.

The Menu

One of the latest creations by Annie Féolde is the Blown Scampo: a bubble of spun sugar with scampi, raw and cooked, and a mixture of aromatic herbs such as dill and tarragon. The hot caramel, removed a moment before it darkens, blown and then stuffed with this strange combination of flavors is a real pleasure to the palate and gives a sense of lightness amplified by the service on a transparent plate, made of light glass, with air bubbles.

Generally speaking, Enoteca Pinchiorri offers the perfect blend of dishes from the Tuscan tradition, sometimes revised according to the new trends on food. Excellent selection of wines.

Reale – Castel Di Sangro

Niko Romito’s restaurant is far from almost everyone and everything, but you can not forget it. One of the best restaurants in Italy, with high expectations that are respected since you enter the white spaces of the restaurant. Here everything is essential, starting with the snacks that accompany the aperitif served by the sommelier Gianni Sinesi. But the kitchen is always evolving, with some successful classics reconfirmed.

Niko Romito is a self-taught chef, deeply tied to his mother-land: Abruzzo. In just 7 years he got 3 Michelin stars. In 2011 he moved his restaurant Il Reale to “Casadonna”, a former 16th century monastery in Castel di Sangro. Through an incessant research Romito runs the path of essentiality, balance and taste. In a short time he has been able to create an incisive and personal gastronomic language, and a complex system in which high cuisine, widespread catering formats and products for domestic consumption coexist.


Former monastery in the Abruzzo National Park, reborn from a courageous yet calibrated restoration. Materials that capture the eye, refined furnishings and all around the spectacle of nature. A dialogue between the warmth of ancient materials and objects characterised by austere modernity. Perimeter walls in which Majella stone dominates, white on absolute white. Light is the real protagonist. The language of the rooms recalls the emotional essentiality that characterizes the chef’s dishes.

The Menu

The dishes from Niko Romito are simple but never banal. The chef’s ability is to take the raw materials from the land of Abruzzo and turn them into delicate aromas of undergrowth.
Bread is homemade.

The veal gel, dried porcini mushrooms, almonds and black truffles (authentic dishes symbol of the chef and his territory); smoked pork tortelli; pigeon fondant and pistachio. To close, licorice granita and wine vinegar, white chocolate and balsamic vinegar.
Everything here is a taste experience

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