9 Fun Ideas for an Unforgettable Summer Party

Outdoor party season has finally returned! Make sure your house party will be the best in your neighbourhood thanks to these 9 ideas.

Make Your Cooler the Coolest
Forget filling up your freezer with ice makers and save space for some Vodka. Buy a bag of balloons and fill them up with water. Freeze them over night and place the balloons in your cooler. Bonus: After the ice melts you have ammo for a water balloon fight! More info here.

Watermelon Keg
Who needs a bowl when you can tap a watermelon? This is sure to wow your party guests. Find out how to turn a watermelon into a drink dispenser here.

Ice cold Dj
It spreads no music, but you can be sure your party will rock with this awesome inflatable boombox cooler. More info here.

Romantic! Edible Flower Ice Cubes
Girls will love these romantic ice cubes, which will give a touch of colour to your white cocktails. Learn how to make these flowery ice cubes here.

Sun Catching Jello Peels
Have a colourful summer party with refreshing rainbow gelatin orange wedges. They are super easy to make. See the recipe here.

Melted Ice Cream? No, Thanks
Save time and a melted mess when serving ice cream at your house party: pre-scoop ice cream into baking cups and store in freezer until ready. Get the scoop on this idea here.

DIY Cooler
Every homeowner with a pool should know about this easy project: cut a noodle and tie a rope through it and place around a Rubbermaid bin. For more info click here.

A Shark Watermelon
This may be the only time people don’t run away when someone yells SHARK! Get the recipe here.

Easy to Make Flip Flop Cookies
These biscuits are cute, aren’t they? If you want to eat happily, see more here.

Now you just have to enjoy your summer, have fun with your beloved, give great parties with these amazing ideas and get pictures to remember of these special moments.


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