4 good reasons to move to italy

There are many reasons why expats are drawn to Italy. It has a reputation as a country of art and culture, great food and wine, and warm, lively people that believe in living life to the fullest. Here are 4 good reasons that just might convince you to move to Italy.

The climate in Italy is one of the best in Europe: summer is always hot, especially in the South. Spring and autumn are sweet and warm, perfect for pic-nics or to have a stroll in town. But it’s also when the Italian Alps come to life with beautiful blue skies and a good amount of snow that draws throngs of skiers.

Culture and heritage
Since ancient times, Italy has been a hub of history, art and culture. In fact, the country has the highest number of cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other nation in the world. The cities of Rome, Venice, Naples, Pisa, Florence and Assisi are renowned for their artistic character, but you can also find much evidence of the past in Italy’s many museums and archaeological sites such as Pompeii and Herculaneum. With its 95000 monumental churches, 20000 historical cities, 5600 museums and 36000 archives and libraries, if you are a culture buff, you’ll never get bored in Italy.

One of the things Italy is most famous for is its food. Whether it’s the espresso, the myriad pasta dishes or cheese, Italian cuisine is perhaps the most popular in the world.
The food tradition is very different from north to south, but there is always a common thread: food must be cooked with passion and in a simple way. Italians also like eating different foods in different seasons, because the emphasis is always on fresh products and simplicity. Wine is also very important: you can’t really enjoy a good meal without a good glass of wine and it’s important to match the best one with the food you are eating. Wine is not just another alcoholic beverage, but an essential accompaniment to an evening of good food and great company.

Italians do love being in good company of family and friends. Good food for Italians is not only a matter of eating: dinners are a nice chance to get the whole family together, and spend a few hours or a whole Sunday chatting and cheering with the people they love. Simple living and the emphasis on things that truly matter go a long way in promoting a sense of happiness and well-being. The picking of olives or grapes is another chance to spend a few days altogether in the open air, sharing cherished moments of fun with friends, creating lasting and powerful memories.

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