How to Transform Your Luxury Home into a Work of Art

Luxury homes are distinctive in every way. Not only are they built using top quality materials and unique design concepts, but they also have a number of decorative art pieces that add more glam and luxury aspect. It’s easy to make your home itself a work of art, with creative and dramatic ideas and design touches.

A good architect will always work closely with their clients to create spaces that are stunning; but a great one will take this quotient one step further and create areas that are personal and expressive all at once.

One of the first things to keep in view is that there really is no wrong or right way to display artwork in interiors; and different architects and designers just think differently. You should look for an architect you can sync with and who can understand what your preferences and tastes are.

Here are some ideas that can transform your luxury home into a work of art:

You can make a very dramatic impact by using rich earthy tones that are tempered with sepia shades or greys. This kind of a concept creates an aesthetic that has a very classic appeal.
Adding some modernistic artwork to these spaces just enhances the ambience of the interiors.

• Use a few well-chosen statement pieces that are a reflection of your personal style.

• If you prefer a more geometric theme, you can use specially sculptured art pieces. You can maintain a simplistic design theme in the common areas of your home, but add some stupendous full-wall artwork in your bedrooms.

• When you want your home to have professionally-designed look, it’s a good idea to opt for and wallpaper murals for accent walls in various rooms; it adds dimension to the interiors. This technology has advanced in a big way and you can turn fine art prints, patterns, scenes and images as well as personal photos into stunning wallpaper murals.

• If you have large and heavy furniture in your living room, you can consider adding decorative accents such as bold canvasses on the walls opposite to the furniture.

• Adding cement panels is another way to create a stunning backdrop for any artwork you want to display on your walls. If you have some natural stone elements in that room, it creates a very artistic and luxurious look in your home.

• If your home has high ceilings, you can consider adding luxuriously curved beam structures; combine this with arched glass windows high up on the walls and you will find that the play of shadow and light in the beam space is no less than art.

Custom-designed freestanding fireplaces, gradient effect paint, decorative wall hangings, intricately imprinted tiles and stained glass artwork and accent walls that have mind-bending geometrical designs add a distinctive textual quality to any room.

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