Top Ideas For Halloween Decorations

Celebration of the supernatural and obscurity, ancient folklore and contemporary fashion, celebration of spirituality or consumer habit. Halloween, like any other great traditional event, is a mix of contradictions and different meanings. However it is celebrated, one thing is certain: it all starts from the table.

Here are some ideas to decorate it with style and a bit of glam.

You like being original, ok, but even if you like to go against all trends, a Halloween without a pumpkin would not be such. The icon of Jack ‘o Lantern, the classic carved pumpkin with an evil grin and a candle inside, can not miss on your table. The custom derives from an ancient Irish legend, which has as its protagonist an astute blacksmith who managed to deceive the devil.

Halloween Decorations

You can buy pumpkins of various sizes and colors, to decorate not only the table but various areas of the house and the entrance door or the garden. Or, again, you can make something different by painting them all white to give a touch of modern style to an ancient custom.

Halloween Decorations

Even without using a real pumpkin, the theme can be created in flatware and decorations. Bowls, glasses, place cards, pots and plant holders reproducing Jack’s sneer can now be found in any hardware shop. And if that’s not enough, you can always use your creative skills and set up a gothic centerpiece with branches and small paper pumpkins.

Halloween Decorations

Although orange is the dominant color for Halloween, total black is not bad at all and can create an elegant atmosphere. For those who love fine dining, you can create terrifying decorations focusing on black and gothic-chic style.

Dry branches (better if painted black), candles and candle-holders are the basic elements for a “dark and stormy night” setting. And then stem glasses, steaming cauldrons, cobwebs, lace (strictly black) and some old-looking frames, with vintage photos blackened by time.

Halloween Decorations

The atmosphere is guaranteed.

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