A Fashionable Christmas Table For 2018

One of the biggest reasons why Christmas is our favorite time of year is that there are so many decorations!

There’s halls to deck, stockings to stuff, trees to trim, lights to string, and wreaths to hang. Children are happy and the preparation of the home for Christmas is a moment of great sharing in the family: kids love to collaborate and make themselves useful in the preparation of the Christmas tree and for parents it is a special moment to spend precious time with our little ones.

But there is something that every year torment us: how can I prepare the Christmas table to greatly impress my guests?

In most households around the world family and friends will come together to share one of the most important meals of the year. So it probably goes without saying that how we decorate our tables for this beautiful feast is almost as important as the food we will eat.

Let’s start saying that there is not one single rule. The table setting can (and must) be different according to your taste and the style of your home: some like it very traditional, some prefer a super modern design. The fashion of the moment also has its importance: for example this year, if you want to be truly en-vogue, the color to use is gold. Finally, after years of confinement in our dressers, gold returns to be a true protagonist on our Christmas tables and trees.

However you are going to decorate your table, the end result is bound to be something special. And to help you on your way to holiday greatness, we’ve gathered a few pictures of some fantastic Christmas tables, so you can get inspired.

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