Strong Dollar VS Euro: Americans investing in Italy

The American dollar is now hitting new 12 year highs. This has been the fastest rise in 40 years. The major currencies of the world continue to sink against the United States dollar (USD) and the exchange rate with Euro is currently 1,088.

A stronger dollar will encourage Americans to spend more money abroad in travel and in overseas purchases. It will also promote more investment by individual Americans and corporations in foreign countries. The boom will last as long as the dollar retains the increased value.

Great investments will be made in residential and commercial properties and Italy, as usual, has the greatest appeal for American investors, for its beauty, climate and potentials.

The most desirable locations for American investors are Tuscany, Lake Como, Le Marche, Puglia and Umbria. More and more people want a villa with a sea view, a luxury stone-built house in the middle of the countryside or have the possibility to live in a historic mansion as a Castle or an old Monastery because, by the end of the day, everybody is looking for the elixir of life.

Recently, due to the strong exchange rate of Dollar against Euro and to the drop of prices in the Italian real estate market, the dream of purchasing a property in Italy is no longer simply a dream, but for many it’s turning into a concrete reality.

The reasons that encourage American people and investors from all over the world are more than strictly economic interests. What they look for in Italy is beauty, history, art, quality of life and the grand emotions that Italian locations can evoke.

According to experts, this trend no longer applies to a small niche of privileged people only, but also includes a considerable medium-high range of people, interested in purchasing a property between 2 and 5 million. Some are buying because investing in Italy is a safe business: despite the current difficult moment, Italian properties will never lose their value; on the contrary, as soon as the crisis stops, they will get back their original value and more. Others are buying, because they want to live in the Country of La Dolce Vita and Bel Canto.

Thanks to the recovery of the market, the number of investments in Italy will rapidly increase: this means that first comes, first gets the best properties for the cheapest prices. On the other hand, the support of a professional team of experts, who are able to advise for the best, is important, in order to make a safe investment, according to what you are dreaming to purchase.

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