Investing in the winemaking industry, a new international trend

The wine industry is a business on the rise, combining the latest technologies with tradition. Investing in wine producing farms, means entering into a world rather than simply a business: rural culture, tradition and quality match altogether, incorporating modern techniques in order to be always updated about new trends a requirements from the purchasing market.

Properties related to the production of wine, give investors the chance to acquire a real estate tightly linked to an industry that is experiencing continual growth and that enjoys a significant share in the market. It’s not surprising that many leading companies in the luxury business are developing programs specifically dedicated to the management of the large number of enquiries made by foreign investors, particularly from Russia, China and Arab speaking countries, interested in Prestigious farms with vineyards. China is a perfect example of this recent spike in interest; just four years ago the business of importing Italian wine was valued at €20 millions, whereas it is now valued about €80 millions. The “made in Italy” wine, is a “brand” that guarantees quality and excellence and attracts investors from all over the world.

The production of wine is a unique industry that is both complex and interesting, definitely more than just a business. Indeed, it is a lifestyle transcending business, converting the commercialization and the acquisition of properties related to the industry into a unique experience.

The hills of Chianti in Tuscany, the vineyards of Sagrantino in Umbria, Prosecco in Veneto and many more have over 100 years tradition dedicated to quality and they embody the excellence of the wine making industry of Italy.

In order to promote the “made in Italy” brand in the international market, the best solution is, definitely, to sustain and develop sectors where Italy shows its excellence, such as the production of wine. This reinforces the fact that wineries are assets with high value as well as safe investments, demonstrating that Italy is surely a leading country in this industry.

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