How to set your house for spring

Spring is coming soon and it will bring along the colours and lights characteristic of this amazing season. We can bring the same colours and brightness into our homes.

You can use fabrics in pastel shades, together with light and clear nuances or soft colors with great contrast at the same time.

Here are some examples of how you can make your home look bright and welcoming, both for you and your family, but also if you are planning to sell or rent out your house, in order to speed up the deal.

Colorful pillows with floral or stylized patterns, in contrast with the color of the sofa, can be a small but effective solution to decorate your living room.

During spring, you cannot miss some flowers in your house: they can be placed in large pots or, with a little imagination, you can put them into nice cans or recycled bottles. If you are smart enough, you can try with some floral decorations.

Also in monochrome environments, colours will give a “spring look” to your house: you may dare combining something colourful with a gold complement.

In the bedroom wooden details or something recalling the sea, like shells or jars of sand, will remind you about the fresh sea breeze of the beach in spring and it will help you getting ready for summer!

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