Furnish a luxury bathroom, hints and tips

What are the details that turn a nice bathroom in a luxury environment? Discover it with us in this article, where you can find many ideas and tips for decorating a luxury bathroom.

The bathtub covered in gold leaf, the basin shaped in onyx, the lacquered furniture in the ‘20s style, the ceramic coating that mimics the texture of the most precious fabrics: do not miss the latest trends in luxury bathrooms!

Elegant constrasts
The refined idea of great visual impact to furnish a luxury bathroom? Create elegant color contrasts between the different elements. For example, you can choose refined two-tone marble floors and fine furniture in shades of black.

Unusual materials
When furnishing a luxury bathroom, materials are a key element to create an exclusive and unique environment. The latest trends in interior design, in particular, suggest to focus on new materials, and usually not very common in bathrooms, such as bronze or onyx.

Gold plated surfaces
Not just furniture or accessories, but all surfaces are gold plated, in the most exclusive bathrooms. Starting with the bathtub that, if you want to decorate a modern and trendy luxury bathroom, must be covered in gold leaf. Don’t forget that the bathtub is an essential element, to create a real dream-bathroom.

Retro design
A retro design and old finishes: here is an idea for those who want to furnish a luxurious bath with an unconventional style.

Textural coverings
The textural wall coverings are another detail to consider when you decide to design and furnish a luxury bathroom. From raw stone to bricks or resin, the choice is wide and varied, depending on the style you intend to give to your bathroom. If you prefer modern luxury bathrooms with a magnificent look, you can opt for a refined grès porcelain stoneware with a fabric effect.

Now it’s just a matter of choice. See what style better suits you and furnish your new bathroom.

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