Fit For Royalty: DOLCE&GABBANA King Collection

The Dolce&Gabbana Fine Jewelry collection for men is distinguished by its versatility: the historic symbols of the Sicilian tradition (the Trinacria, the rosary ring, the cross, the horn amulet) are now joined by new subjects, foremost among which is the crown, also widely used in the clothing collection. The crown is the distinguishing feature of the jewels from the “King” line, which can be divided into two models: a smaller version, with the cushion in either red jasper, green jade or lapis lazuli and the base inset with small rubies and sapphires; a larger version, without the cushion, with sapphires, rubies and black diamonds set into the base.

The workmanship of the gold in both models is superb: tiny engravings and hand-carved reliefs alternate along the metal surface, while four openwork lily motifs adorn the globe placed at the top. Presented since antiquity to victorious Roman generals carried in triumph on a chariot toward the Campidoglio through cheering crowds, to the heroes and athletes of the Olympic Games, the crown was also worn by priests in the exercise of worship. Symbol of both temporal and religious power, embodiment of both the sacred and the profane, the crown is still worn today by monarchs and the highest ecclesiastical authorities during majestic celebrations and the most important ceremonies.

Emblem of fame, excellence and power since time immemorial, the crown also evokes moral virtues such as courage, resourcefulness and strength. Reconciling the sacred and the profane, which in the iconography of Dolce&Gabbana are set in contrast without ever generating conflict, the crown embodies the harmony of opposites. Every piece of jewelry for men is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and to the selection of gems, in keeping with the noble art of working precious metals that has its roots in the great Italian jewellery making tradition.


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