Decorating your home with flowers

Flowers decorate your home, give a fresh, welcoming look and say something about you.

Communicating with flowers was very fashionable in the 1800s: flowers were often used to express feelings that couldn’t be clearly and directly communicated.

So, what is the meaning of flowers? What will you say with your flower decorations?

Here are the meanings of the most common flowers:

Red roses mean passion and romantic love; pink roses an affection; white roses mean virtue and chastity, while yellow roses mean friendship or devotion.

It’s probably the best known flower together with roses. It represents innocence and purity, but can also mean patience.

Tulip is the flower of strong emotions and love and the meaning of this flower is strongly related to passion. Red tulips mean “declaration of love”, while yellow ones mean “desperate love”.

Its yellow color makes it very beautiful and appreciated: in the language of flowers a sunflower means respect and devotion.

Colorful and good smelling, carnations have many meanings depending on their color: pink carnations mean affection; white ones mean eternal devotion and mutual love, but in a specific circumstance it may also mean outrage.
Red carnations, instead, send a message of great, passionate love, while yellow ones of uncertainty of your own feelings.

Beautiful and very good smelling, elegant and delicate, the meaning of this flower varies according to the colour. The white lily means purity, innocence, virginity and nobility.
Orange and red lilies indicate a strong passion, while pink ones mean “vanity”. The yellow lily instead stands for falsehood.

Very little is needed to give a touch of spring and freshness to your home! Now you just have to decide what message you want to communicate to your guests.

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