Choosing colours for your home: here’s what you should take into consideration

Choosing colours to renovate your home walls or for a brand new house, may seem very diffcult sometimes but, if you follow these suggestions, it will be much easier!

First of all, remember that there are no scientific rules to choose and match colours. Follow your taste and try not to make a potpourri of tints. Before you decide what colour you’d like to use, it’s good to know that there are three essential parameters that can help us identify the most suitable colours for the walls of our home.

– Width
– Light
– Function

These are the basic features to take into consideration, in order to choose the best colours for each room.

For small rooms, experts recommend cold and light shades, as white and turquoise, because they amplify the perception of the room size.

Also the lighting of a room is an important feature in the choice of the color of the walls. After studying the natural light, and therefore the number of windows in a room and their exposure, you can then determine the artificial light. Considering these two features, the rooms with just a little light need walls in light colours; on the other hand, in big rooms and with good lighting you can dare with “bizarre” shades.

The function of a room is another element, that could determine the tint of the walls: a warm and relaxing colour may be the right one for a bedroom, while a strong, “shocking” colour could be suitable for a living area.

Now, it’s time to give a look at your house and choose the colours that will make you happy!

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