A luxury house coming from the future

This futuristic home may soon turn into reality. Once completed, it will be the most expensive house in the history of Arizona.

Inspired by the shape of a sea creature, the designe exposes the resident to wonderful 360° views out and down on all sides.

The total area planned for the house is 1,500 square meters, including 180 square meters dedicated to a salon, the main one.

With six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a ten-car garage, this Arizona home will be huge, and not cheap either: the estimated price tag is 30 million dollars. If it does not look as big as it sounds, keep in mind: much of the construction will happen underground, including a 2000-square-foot entertainment space.

Architect Nick Tsontakis (via Dezeen) states of his work: “The overall form of the home is reminiscent of a manta ray – even though this was not intentional – and from the air the structure looks like it’s swimming on top of the mountain. I wanted to make the house design memorable and simple. It is organic, soft and liveable.”

Will this be the typical house of the future? We don’t know. For sure, Architect Nick Tsontakis has found a way to have people talking about his original idea!

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