8 Reasons to Invest in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country, rich in history, traditions, art and culture. Nowhere is there such a concentration of pleasure of the senses as can be found in the Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country). From art to food, from wonderful, varied countryside to flamboyant fashion, Italy has it all.

The beauty of Italy is proverbial. Every year around 40.000.000 tourists visit this country. It is a real giant on the world tourist market. Italy is the fifth most visited country after France, Spain, USA and China. When we combine factors as nice Mediterranean climate, six months of warm and sunny summer, incredible cuisine that could not be describe, beautiful landscapes that can take your breath away, clean air and surrounding area, nice and smiling friendly people as well as the combination of incredible style and not counterfeit Mediterranean provincialism, can make everybody that come in Italy to fall in love with it and wish to stay here forever.

Italy is an amazing combination of European culture, sunny Mediterranean, seductive cuisine, excellent wines, incredible music and fascinating style. Furthermore, Italy can boast with a rich history and numerous cultural monuments. Italian cities as Venice, Roma, Florence, Milan, Naples, Genoa and so on are real legends. Probably everybody has ever dreamed to see them.

Considering all this, here are 8 reasons to invest in Italy:

  1. Strategic position

Italy is well placed geographically: located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is the main crossroads linking all Europe. Its strategic position gives it easy access to southern, central and northern Europe. Economically speaking that gives access to about 800 million consumers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

  1. High qualified human resources

Italy ranks 2nd in Europe in terms of manufacturing companies with a skilled workforce praised at international level, contributing to the high quality of Made-in-Italy products. The highly qualified human resources in the field of research, supported by the tradition and the high quality of the University system and several research centers, makes Italy one of the cutting-edge country in the R&D sector. Companies investing in Italy can rely on an average of 270,000 graduates per year.

(Source: Ministry of Education, University and Research)

  1. Extensive infrastructure network

Companies deciding to invest in Italy can rely on an extensive infrastructure network:

  • Around 6,500 km of motorways and 21.500 km of national roads; it has the second longest road network (second only to France);
  • The fifth longest rail network in the EU27 with 16,703 km of working lines and 24,216 km of tracks;
  • One of the most developed freight village systems in Europe. 7 Italian freight centres are classified in the Top 20 of European logistics infrastructures;
  • The second most important country in Europe for maritime freight transport: 24 main commercial ports, with 3 International Hubs, spread out along 7,400 km of coastline and a total traffic of container around 10 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) in 2011;
  • 2 ports are classified in the Top 20 of European container ports: Gioia Tauro and Genoa
  • First EU country in maritime transport of passengers in 2009 with 92 million passengers.

(Source: Assoporti, RFI, UIR, Anas, Port of Rotterdam)

  1. Small and Medium Enterprises: the qualified Italian production network

Italy’s economic strength lies in its wide diversity of small and medium sized family owned firms. With over 5 million companies, the Italian production network is based on a strong entrepreneurial culture, creating high quality products in various economic sectors and able to compete in international markets.

Italian SMEs are staffed by top quality, qualified professionals in areas that you may not at first associate with the country (e.g. it is among the top three countries in the world for robotic and non-invasive surgery). Precision machinery, chemicals, nanotechnology and electronic goods are among its top exports.

  1. Tech and know-how system

Innovation in Italy is driven by an extensive network of high-quality universities public and private institutions (almost 100).

A modern network of over 40 modern science and technological parks ensures that research is widely integrated into industrial processes.

The parks network is a key to the innovation development:

– 600 Hi Tech companies settled

– Over 200 R&D Center (public and private)

– 16.000 employees with a high level of technological expertise

– Italy ranks 6th for granted patents and 4th for registered trademarks among G12 countries. The number patents issued is one of the most important indicators for measuring a Country’s innovative output.

(Source: RIIR, EPO)

  1. Quality of life and lifestyle

Italy is a modern and cosmopolitan country with 3,8 million inhabitants with an excellent standard of living. Superior health and education provision, endless opportunities in beautiful landscape and a vibrant cultural country are just some of the reasons why more than 4 million foreigners (7,0% of total residents, Source: Istat) have decided to live in Italy.

Italy is recognized for its international brand in strategic sectors such as fashion, automotive and marine engineering, design, mechanics. The Italian style, innovation, creativity and love for the tradition are all key factors for the success of the “Made-in-Italy” brand in the competitive world market.

Moreover, Italy has the largest number of World Heritage (UNESCO) sites in Europe, with 47 locations listed as places of outstanding cultural and historical significance.

  1. Great potential market

Italy is the 4th largest economy in EU (FMI) with a potential market of almost 60 million consumers of innovative services (more than 30 million internet users) and products. The Italian market offers countless opportunities to expand businesses in strategic sectors such as logistics, tourism, renewable energies, green-tech and bio-tech projects.

  1. Support for foreign investments

Noda Studio comprises a single and reliable national reference point for foreign investors eager to expand or to set up a new business in Italy. It provides a range of services for all stages of the investment process, such as updated information on the business environment, investment opportunities in specific sectors and business advisory services throughout the implementation process.

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