7 Reasons to Move and Live Italy for Ever

1. La Dolce Vita
La Dolce Vita literally translates as “the sweet life” and describes a way of life that is easygoing, enjoying things to the fullest. Usually La Dolce Vita involves luxury and pleasure of varying degrees.
This phrase entered the language following the success of the 1960 film La Dolce Vita. This was written and directed by Federico Fellini and starred Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg and Anouk Aimée.

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2. Climate and Weather
Italy has an amazing climate and people who want to spend time outdoors are drawn to this country.
There are also four very clearly defined seasons in Italy which is ideal for people who enjoy changes throughout the year.

3. Food and Wine
Italy is well known for its wonderful cuisine and high quality wine.
While it is possible to buy the wine across the globe and recreate many of the dishes at home, this doesn’t compare to the taste and experience of eating and drinking true Italian wine and food in Italy.
According to the region where you are, you can taste many different, typical dishes and delicacies, as well as quality wines.

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4. Geographical Diversity
While many countries have very similar landscapes throughout the country, Italy is geographically diverse.
There are stunning coastlines, vast expanses of plains, mind-blowing mountain ranges and historic urban scenes.

5. The Gateway to Europe
Italy is ideally located to access other European countries. Sailing, driving and flying are three of the ways you can travel to other countries in Europe.

6. Sense of Community
People often crave living in an area with a real sense of community. Regardless the place you’ll live, you will find is a strong sense of community.
People in Italy are very supportive and always ready to lend a helping hand.

7. Culture
Italy is a country that is steeped in history and rich in culture.
Best places to see this are the major cities. Historic structures, religious buildings, museums, ruins, and galleries are in abundance in the urban areas of Italy. But you can also discover a “parallel world” made of small medieval towns, where piece of arts hide, far from the mass tourism.

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