6 ideas for a perfect lounge

Creating a perfect lounge: 6 ideas for a practical, beautiful and functional space for everyday life, relaxation and family moments.

The living room is the most used area in our home, where we spend time watching TV, relaxing or receiving our guests.

To furnish the best possible way our living room there are necessary elements that you can not renounce: a comfortable sofa, a bookshelf, a coffee table and the right lighting.

There are many elements able to make our lounge look beautiful as a bookshelf, a pouf or coffee tables. We can mix design elements with antiques, or go ahead with one single style. Anyways, here are some rules and 6 ideas to take inspiration from.

Customize your style

Choosing a style does not mean literally following formal traits: to get a result that satisfies us aesthetically and make the living room a cozy area, you have to give rein to imagination and customize your room.

Using colours

Use colours to make your living room unique: with the right matchings you can turn the living area into the most beautiful and cozy areas in your home. You just have to add some piece of furniture with strong colours or, for example, a series of colorful cushions to create great contrast with the rest of the furniture.

Furnishing with books

What’s the best place for a bookshelf? Definitely the lounge, so why not using a wall to “decorate” it with your books? A nice bookshelf will give more style to your lounge and will make it look perfect.


Put on display a few paintings, a big photo or special objects that express the personality of those who live daily in the house. This way you will give a touch of style to your living room.

Comfort first

The lounge is a place of conviviality, where you spend a lot of time with your family, you welcome your guests and spend your spare time. That’s why the lounge must be first of all comfortable for you, your family and friends. If you have enough space, choose a large sofa, very spacious, with an L shape if you like it and add a couple of armchairs. Do not forget the coffee table, which will give a nice stylish look, but will also be very useful.

Recycle old objects

Sometimes simplicity is all you need to create an elegant atmosphere, expressing the personality of those who live in. And there’s not much to do to achieve this goal: use your fantasy and reuse or convert old items into furnishings, in order to male your living room just perfect, as a table made from an old pallet: simple, practical, economical and in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.

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