Staging an Empty Home

Sometimes people complain that they are not able to sell quickly their home. How fast you can sell a property may depend on many different reasons; one is that your house is empty!

Selling an empty house is not easy at all: when people step in, they wish to imagine their house turning into a home, meaning that they want to feel the warmth of the property and how cozy it can be. It doesn’t matter if they do not like your furniture and they wish to change the colour of the walls: they just want to see more than bare floors and walls.

However, there are ways to overcome this obstacle and have a successful home showing.

Clean Thoroughly

A clean home is crucial for any sale, but it can be even more imperative for empty houses. Dust on the floors, dirty windows and stained walls will be even more visible to potential buyers, because there are fewer objects around to distract them or cover up imperfections. Clean all to perfection, even the details you think won’t be noticed: you don’t want a potential buyer to look behind a door and find it full of dust. It makes a terrible impression and even if it sounds strange, it may affect the sale.

Rent Furniture

The most immediate solution to an empty home is renting furniture sets to spruce up a home.
No need to look for the most fashionable furniture and complete sets: a basic dining room set, a living room suite and bedroom set should be enough. Choose warm and neutral colours, or the effect on the potential buyer could be the opposite to what you wished. In addition, you may borrow some pieces from friends and family members to add more color and character to your home. Potential buyers must imagine how to turn a house into their dream home.

Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

Having the interiors clean and tidy is very important, but you should pay equal attention to the exteriors. As a matter of facts, the garden and the facade are the first things that a potential buyer will see. Make sure they will give the right impression: let people think that what they will find inside is a reflection of what they can see at first sight. They must get curious to see what’s beyond the door! So, keep grass trimmed, plant a few flower beds and make sure your house as an appealing look.

Start staging your empty home, and you’ll see that selling your property can be easier and faster than expected!

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