How to set your Easter table

Easter is coming: it’s time for you to start planning the setting of your table and leave your guests speechless!

It will be spring soon. A good idea is getting inspired by flowers and all the soft, light shades, normally characterizing this season.

Let’s start with a centrepiece, that will impress your guests: take the sponge normally used for hand-crafted works, fix it on a plastic support and give it an egg shape. Once you’ve finished, take some flowers of different colours and set them on the sponge, starting from the base. Don’t make it a boring one, but try to mix light colours with some spots of orange or red. This way, the egg will be elegant, but not plain. Put it in the middle of your table and your success will be guaranteed!

You can adorn each guest’s plate with an edible basket made of white chocolate: mini ice cream cones dipped in white chocolate, filled with cotton candy and topped with mini pink eggs tucked into shredded coconut make a precious place setting indeed. You can make these mini baskets in any color combination you desire. A place card could be added.

And what about towels? Don’t just leave them on the table, rather make them look special: take a tulip and place a pink ribbon all around the towel and the tulip itself. Your table will have a very elegant and classy look!

Decorated Easter eggs are a must: place them into a basket and place it on the dining table or spread them all around your home. This will create a cheerful atmosphere. There are no rules about decorating Easter eggs, just follow your style and inspiration. If you are not very creative, here are a couple of ideas for you:

Dress up plain hard-boiled or blown-out eggs with paint and crafty trims. For easy polka dots, dip the eraser end of a pencil into paint and press all over your egg. In craft-stores you can find Glue-Dots and double-sided tapes to make it simple to stick on ribbon and felt flowers.

An easy DIY Easter egg decoration is the Speckled Eggs: dye the eggs using soft pastel colors – just a few minutes in the bath. Allow to dry. Using a watered down sepai brown acrylic paint, take an old toothbrush and run your finger along the brush to splatter the paint. Place in a terra cotta dish with a ring of wheat grass around the edge of dish.

A nice option could be hiding the Easter eggs in secret corners of the house and ask the kids to find them: this way also the youngest ones will have their chance to have fun during this festive day.

Now it’s your turn to be creative and impress your guests. We wish you a happy, sweet and colourful Easter!

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