Combining energy saving and tradition

If you are going to buy or restore a house in Italy, you probably have a dilemma to solve.

How can you protect nature and save energy without spoiling the traditional style of your country home?

Of course, you don’t want to install solar panels all around your garden: it’s not the kind of view you’d like to see when you wake up in the morning and open your windows. Additionally, it is something that deeply decreases the value of your house when you resell it.

So far, the best way to save energy without spoiling your panorama, was adding big solar panels on the roof of your home. Definitely better than a black spot on the green grass, but although you can hardly see them, they are still annoying you, especially if you decide to take a nice picture of your property from above.

Cotto Possagno Industries seems to have solved this problem: their cotto tiles for roofs unite the functional efficiency of a clay roof tile with modern photovoltaic technology, without changing its aesthetic aspect.

Moreover, the Italian government has confirmed for 2016 the possibility to deduct 65% of the total cost for renovation works implying energy saving works.

This could be a great chance to combine all you need in your dream home: aesthetic, respect for nature and money saving.

You can visit to learn more about this innovative system.

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