6 top tips for a stress-free move to Italy

We know that moving from your home country to Italy may be quite stressing up and we want to help you with some good tips to save time, money and, yes, some hair-pulling – in the process!

1. Plan which items you’d like to bring with you at least 6 months in advance and check how much it would cost to replace the items that you are not taking.

2. Plan your packing dates with your removal company at least 2 months in advance.

3. Moving abroad is a good chance to get rid of things you don’t need anymore: selling online may be a good solution to sell quickly.

4. The day before the removal make sure that any travel documents are clearly separated from your shipping items.

5. The cost for your international removal will depend on the quantity, volume and weight of items you wish to ship. Most reputable international shippers will offer a free no-obligation home survey to offer advice regarding the kinds of items and related cost.

6. On removal day, try to relax and let your removal crew take care of your items while you look forward to your new life in Italy. The hard work is over, Italy is closer!

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