5 ideas to decorate your home during Easter

Easter is coming and it is time to think about how to decorate your dining table. Whether you’ll invite your family or you are planning a brunch wuth friends, decorating your table for Easter is a must, just like during Christmas. That is why we thought to inspire you with 5 ideas.

1. Decorated eggs: a must
Eggs during Easter can be used as a decorative element. If you like colorful eggs, but you still want to ensure a traditional look, arrange them in a wooden basket and place it at the center of the table. It is a sipmle idea and easy to with tempera colors and it will also bring a touch of Provencal atmosphere in our dining room!

2. Colored bowls for fruit salad
With the arrival of Spring we look for colours, so let’s “play” with details and accessories: coloured bowls for fruit salad or ice cream will be perfect to make the most joyful time when dessert is served, and they will give magnificent color accents to your dining table: just imagine colooured bowls on a white tablecloth!

3. Old extinguishers as candle holders
If you want your Easter table to be fashionable but with an informal touch, here is a different idea: you can use old extinguishers as candle holders. You’ll surprise your guests and your room will get an energy colour!

4. Decorated egg-holders
In many areas of Italy, especially in the center and south, it is traditional to eat boiled eggs. How can you eat this kind of eggs in an original way? The idea is to decorate white egg-holders: a modern way to dust off an old custom: they will give a smile to our guests.

5. Origami with napkins
Why not impress your guests at Easter with artfully folded napkins? Origami: a special decoration for a DIY table. If you choose the ones shaped like a flower, your table will have not only an Easter but also a spring!

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