12 mistakes that decrease the value of your home

Are you buying to resell shortly? Are you thinking that one day you may selling your home? If your answer is “yes” then you must read the following suggestions by real estate experts.

Here is a list of 12 mistakes that you should avoid if you don’t want to decrease the value of your home for future resale:

1. Choosing a crazy colour for your facade
Although you are a colour-lover, do not choose a paint color that isn’t common in your neighborhood or doesn’t fit the style of your home. It will make your home look weird.

2. Ignoring your main entrance
An old front door or a lock that doesn’t work will alert your potential buyer, who will ask himself what he’s supposed to expect, when he passes the entry door…

3. Assuming you’ll recoup every investment
Sometimes people think that adding a swimming pool will double the value of the house. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Of course details will add further value to your property, but don’t think that you’ll recoup the whole cost, especially because when you resell, the swimming pool wil be used and maybe old!

4. Landscaping without a plan
Planting trees too close to the house without considering how big they’re going to get will create major problems. Roots can cause breaks in the pavement and a lot of work will be required to fix it. On the other hand, your potential buyer won’t be happy to see a broken pavement.

5. Being too trend obsessed
Don’t be too trend obsessed: fashion passes and the risk is that your home will get old fashioned very soon. Buyers are more attracted by classic or very simple furniture and decorations.

6. Saving on an Air-Con system
Always pay for the next system up for your home’s size. Paying more initially will bring down your power bill and will increase the value of your home when you resell it.

7. Keeping old appliances
Pay attention to the quality and performances of your home appliances. Keep them clean and in good working order: most people do not want to replace all the appliances, especially in the kitchen. If your appliance looks very old or damaged, just change it!

8. Neglecting the small stuff
It’s quite normal not to notice small details, which are not perfect because, when living in a house, we get used to them. It’s not the same for buyers! The notice all, so be sure that everything is clean, neat and in good working order. Details will impress your potenital buyer.

9. Not doing a deep clean
Buyers look at all details, so be sure that you have cleaned your oven, windows, gargabe disposal and all the small things that come up to your mind. I twill show the buyer, that your house is perfectly maintained.

10. Make places look small
Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Everybody wants to make a small space feel as big as possible. Don’t re-tile a small bathroom with small tiles: they will only make the space look smaller. On the contrary, if you use bigger tiles, the space will look bigger.

11. Neglecting your wood floors
Wood floors are beautiful and hard to keep in good order, especially if you have kids, but they make your home look cozy and warm. Having a good wood floor is a great plus, so buff it every few years and it will give great value to your home.

12. Choosing hard to clean surfaces
Don’t get too complicated with materials hard to clean and be sure the cleaners are good for your surface: such stains will often mean that you have to change the whole piece of furniture.

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