Wine, Food and “Marche-Therapy”: Marche’s elixir of life

For ages kings and emperors from all over the world have tried to steal the secret of immortality sending adventurers and hiring alchemists looking for the elixir of life. A magical substance, that would guarantee them to live long and healthy. Guess what? We have found it and we want to share this secret with you … are you ready? Well, the secret to a long, active and happy life is called … Region Marche!

Recent studies have shown that centenarians in region Marche have increased from 99 to more than 500 in the last 20 years, making the Marche region the Italian region with the highest life expectancy.

What are, according to a study of the Polytechnic University of Marche, the factors that make this area a place of lively and happy grandparents? Here are the ingredients of the “elixir” of Region Marche:

1. The Good Wine produced in Region Marche

An old proverb from region Marche says: Vin bidogna fann us, no abus ie “you must make a good use of wine and not an abuse. It seems that this is precisely the fundamental rule! Almost all old people in region Marche drink a glass of wine a day, managing to enjoy the pleasures of life without excess, indeed drawing benefit. The wines of region Marche are among the best you can find in terms of taste, quality and tradition: the great taste of Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, the fragrance of Rosso Conero, the versatility of Bianchello del Metauro, the incredible variety of wines of the Piceno area, from Passerina to Rosso Piceno and others are recognized as DOC and PGI. Anyway, the first place in the ranking will always be for famous Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, the best still white wine in Italy in 2014 and 2015: its fresh taste and unmistakable personality, will turn it into the undisputed king of your tables!

2. “Km Zero” Food

A good glass of wine from region Marche is already an excellent starting point to better enjoy old age. In addition to this, local people eat genuine products of their land to supplement a healthy diet. If in Japan, the first country in the world for life expectancy, the secret of longevity lies in the sea algae, in region Marche it is the possibility to eat “Km Zero” food: from the land, directly to your table. Also oily fish from the Adriatic sea, considered as a poor dish in the past, indeed is an important part of the diet of region Marche, since it’s rich in unsaturated fats and beneficial substances. Moreover, Le Marche is among the most virtuous regions in Italy for organic farming, for its commitment in favor of biodiversity and the rediscovery of ancient indigenous cultures.

3. The Beauty of the Landscapes: the “Marche-Therapy”

Last but not least, people from region Marche can enjoy the harmonious landscapes, where man has been able to intervene without changing the original beauty of the area. The contact with the land and the bound with traditions, which are connected with physical activity in the countryside and other social activities closely linked to the territory, is jealously preserved, especially by the “not so young”, in a region that deserves, without any doubt, the adjective of “human-friendly “. If actively interacting with the territory brings benefits, even a passive contact, simply admiring the beauty of the landscape, is able to transmit serenity and mental well-being, making of “Marche-Therapy” a real source of long life.

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